We, as The Green Voice, are an organization created by young activists who aim to make the voices of those who are affected by the Climate Crisis heard. We believe it is our duty to listen to people from all regions and all walks of life when it comes to solving this global crisis. We understand the importance of intersectional environmentalism, and see the value in focusing on regions who’s role is often overlooked in trying to solve this crisis, thereby trying to focus our lenses more on the impacts that climate change has on developing countries. We also acknowledge that the Climate Crisis will affect many sectors including those we that may not come to mind first. We hope to listen to the experts on such issues and form a bridge between the science and the social consciousness.

In the end, this is our world, our futures, and our lives which will be ruined if we don’t act collaboratively as a single international unit. We as young activists are concerned about the disproportionate effects this crisis will have on our communities and as such, have decided to make our voices heard.

To help us share your story, please contact us.